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Why People Get Botox from Windsor Mews Laser & Aesthetics Clinic

A Botox injection will block specific chemical signals from your nerves, generally those that influence muscles to contract. The most well-known reason to have a Botox injection is to briefly loosen up the facial muscles that cause you to display wrinkles in the areas around the temple and around the eyes. Botox infusions are additionally used to treat conditions that influence bodily functions. Some of these conditions include:

  • Cervical dystonia. In this difficult condition, your neck muscles contract automatically making your head diversion into an awkward position.
  • Lethargic eye. The most widely recognized reason for lethargic eye is an unevenness in the muscles answerable for situating the eye.
  • Muscle contractures. A few neurological circumstances, like cerebral paralysis, can make your appendages pull in toward your middle. Sometimes, these contracted muscles can be loose with Botox infusions.
  • Hyperhidrosis. In this condition, extreme perspiring happens in any event, when the temperature isn’t hot and you’re not striving.
  • Constant headache. Assuming you experience headaches over 15 days per month, Botox infusions might assist with decreasing cerebral pain recurrence.
  • Bladder brokenness. Botox infusions can likewise assist with diminishing urinary incontinence brought about by an overactive bladder.
  • Eye jerking. Botox infusions might assist with freeing contracture or jerking from muscles around the eye.


The team at Windsor Mews will be specializing  in Hair Removal, RF Microneedling, Crystal Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy, Skin Rejuvenation, Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peels and Acne Treatments. Our qualified and highly experienced Nurse Practitioner will be providing Anti-Wrinkle treatments (Botulinum Toxin A), Dermal fillers and Profhilo. We are really looking forward to providing a great service for all our clients.

At Windsor Mews, we provide top skincare expertise in all aspects of beauty therapy. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective treatments to our clients.



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