3 Best Things London Offers For A Day Out

With around 27 million visitors each year, London has the highest number of visitors in Europe. With this in mind, London comes first in many travel visitation plans: why? With such rich history, founded by the Romans, it has survived adversity for thousands of years and still thrives today.

Fast forward to modern times, London is a fantastically diverse, and culturally rich city, combining modern improvements and enormous and varied historical cultural influences.

The City of London is where London has centred for thousands of years, but is, in size, the smallest city in the UK. The London that is most referred to, is actually the greater metropolitan area, and has around 9 million inhabitants.

London is actually split into quarters, with each area having it’s own distinctive districts and neighbourhoods. The four differing regions surround the central part of London where most commercial and tourist activity occurs.

And, in central London, we find no end of art locales, entertainment venues, shopping variety, dining venues, and historical hubs. As such, getting bored in London is nigh impossible! The news matters, and when it comes to this city, London news comes thick and fast!

Let’s have a look at 3 Best Things London Offers For A Day Out


London Days Out – Hyde Park


3 Best Things London Offers For A Day Out - Hyde Park


Hyde Park is arguably the most celebrated park in London, and it ranks as possibly the largest. The park has a rich history, playing host to a number of public protests and demonstrations including those by the Suffragettes.

The park is famous for the Speaker’s Corner where debates, spirited discussions, and performing artists grace the stages every week. The park has many memorial features, as well as water features, the most renowned being the Serpentine. The Serpentine is home to paddle-boating, numerous swans, and a country retreat in the middle of the city. You must make time to visit Sydney Park.

Want a birds’ eye view? Try the London: Helicopter Flight Experience


Plan A Day Out In Westminster!


places to visit in London - Westminster

Westminster is most known as the political centre of London. As such, it is home to the Houses of Parliament and also the magnificent Big Ben. Big Ben derives it’s name from the bell that is situated in the clock tower, and it can be heard every hour when it chimes!

Westminster is also home to Westminster Abbey, which accepts visitors from the public most of the time. A great feature of Westminster is Parliament Square, where you can see amazing political and historical figures such as Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, plus many others!


You Don’t Have To Be Sherlock…


3 Best Things London Offers For A Day Out - Baker Street


One of the best literary places in London is Baker Street, why is that? This famous street was immortalised in the global crime detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Do you know which central character called Baker Street home? None other than the amazing Sherlock Holmes!

Not only has Sherlock immortalised this famous street, but there is actually a museum dedicated to the story near the local underground station. In recent times, the Sherlock stories have regained traction, having been relived through the BBC series ‘Sherlock’.

And, mentioning celebrities who called Baker Street home..you’ll find many more in Madame Tussauds, which is located just around the corner. If you are not familiar with this destination, it is a wax museum, where like like models of your favourite celebrities can be found…and where you can pose for photos with, with no security to stop you!

But wait..there’s more! After visiting the amazingly rich and varied cultural history of Baker Street, it is just a hop, skip and a jump to Regent’s Park, which is located nearby…or you can get an awesome view of the city by ascending Primrose Hill.

All in all, why not make Baker Street a stopping point in your London adventure? You won’t regret it!


3 Best Things London Offers For A Day Out – Get Going!


Today, we have only covered 3 Best Things London Offers For A Day Out. There is so much more.

In fact, to visit London offers life long memories that won’t easily be erased. So, the only thing that stops you now….is you!

Time to get going!



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