How To Clean Your Windows


A Guide To How To Clean Your Windows

Make your windows shimmering clean with these four simple cleaning hacks. They’re all similarly simple to finish, your windows will be shimmering quickly. With this method, you won’t need to Google ‘window cleaners near me‘.

Devices and materials
Instruments and materials
Charm cleaning vinegar
Charm glass more clean
Karcher Window Vac 2
Microfibre materials
Elastic gloves
Shower bottle x 3


The vinegar technique
One the least demanding – and most earth sound – ways of cleaning your windows is by utilizing old fashioned white vinegar and water. It’s non-poisonous and normally obtained. Make your own cleaning arrangement by basically blending 50% vinegar and 50 percent water in a shower bottle. Shower your window, let it sit, then, at that point, get a microfibre fabric and give everything a decent wipe. Assuming that there are still streaks, flip your material to the opposite side and allow it a second going-over. How simple was THAT?

Glass cleaner and a wiper
This technique is especially great in case your windows are extra smudgy. Just splash your picked window cleaning arrangement onto your glass – we’re utilizing Glitz Glass Cleaner, probably the best brand out there – and leave for a couple of seconds. Snatch a wiper and drag across your window start to finish. Pass on just a tad and it ought to be without streak and shining clean.

How To Clean Your Windows

Utilizing a window vac
This technique is for every one of you who love a contraption – for this situation, the Karcher Window Vac! Splash on your window cleaner, utilize the wiper connection and give it a decent scour. After you’ve done this, you’re prepared to vacuum the additional water off – presto!

Paper and water
From the very cutting edge, to the very LOW tech – old fashioned paper and water technique! Just splash on some spotless water or window cleaner, and afterward utilize a scrunched up piece of paper to wipe away the soil. It may sound essential, yet it works a treat! What’s more it’s an extraordinary method for making your windows shining clean and sans streak.

Appreciate your workmanship!
Hell, while you’re there, look adoringly at yourself in the window’s appearance – nicely done!

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